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Saturday's Results Posted - Skins to Follow October 20, 2014
Check under the Results tab for Saturday's tournament results. The Tournament Pairing Program was down on Saturday so the skins have not been tabulated. This will be done Monday and the results posted.

Open, Open, Open. September 16, 2014
To help eliminate long Shotgun lines, starting with the May 10th tournament the gates will open one half hour before the scheduled gate opening time. Every Shotgun tournament for the remainder of the year will operate this way. If internet signup lands on one of these shotgun days then internet signup start will coincide with the gate opening. Every tee time tournament will open at the regular time. Keep in mind that the restaurant will not be open until the regular opening time. Special thanks to the Pro Shop for offering this accommodation to your association.

A message from the Board. "While we're young!!!" April 4, 2014
Have you ever reached #13 in tournament play and 3 foursomes are waiting ahead of your group? Good time for a 45 minute lunch break! What is the best way to speed up tournament play? Good question. Maybe some modification to rule 27 (Ball Lost Or Out Of Bounds; Provisional Ball) would be needed. The USGA’s own add campaign “While we’re young” puts the blame of slow play on individual golfers but during tournament play the major backups happen because of the needed adherence to the USGA's rule #27. What can we do about this? Not much. This rule is not going to be changed anytime soon and it is arguable whether it should be changed. However here is what we can do. When appropriate, don't hesitate to play a "Provisional Ball". Rule 27 allows you to play a provisional ball when you think your ball might be out of bounds or lost outside of a hazard or if you are not certain which hazard the ball might be lost in. This time saving measure of the rule gives you a lot of discretion but tends to be under-utilized. By all means, when appropriate play a provisional. Always be aware of the group ahead of you. If you fall out of position mention it to your group. If there are certain players that don’t speed up, mention it again. Here are some other time savers. Strictly adhere to a 5 minute search for lost balls. Players with riding carts should transport walkers back to play from the previous spots when needed. Always play “Ready Golf”. It is the policy of this association to play “Ready Golf” at all times. Beyond that the key to faster rounds lie with each individual player. No one thinks that they are a slow player yet this association has many slow players. Take a look at the speed of your play. Any effort to speed up your play this tournament season is greatly appreciated by the entire association.

Pro Shop Web Site July 18, 2011
Your favorite golf pros at Patty Jewett have launched a web site for your shopping pleasure. Now you can shop the pro shop from the comfort of your office or home. The site is Click here to check out their site.

Patty Rules Page May 28, 2011
Check out June's "Patty Rules" submission. Do you know every rule that pertains to Loose Impediments? Well we have scoured the rules book to compile a comprehensive understanding of what can and can’t be done with goose poop. Don’t miss this one! Here is the link.

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